Making Right Decisions

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Does prayer make a difference? Find out.

This inspirational talk by Leide Lessa focuses on how prayer makes a practical immediate difference in thinking through decisions. Every day, we’re faced with making decisions. Some are easy decisions, but other decisions can cause long sleepless nights. Is there a way to know the right choice? If so, what is that?

International speaker Leide Lessa says, “I have found that prayer based on understanding God and God’s will of goodness for everyone can lead to beneficial decisions. How? Knowing God as Mind, the source of intelligence, and as Love, guiding and caring for all creation, moves us beyond looking at limited options and opens the way for us to see inspired solutions. I give a one-hour talk discussing how each one of us can do this – and find peace of mind in making the choices before us.

Come to this free 1 hour talk. Bring a friend. Be inspired.

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Christian Science Reading Room,
459 California Ave, Palo Alto, California, 94306
(child care provided)