The Way Out for You “A.K.A. “TWO4U”

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(for Youth and Youthful Thinkers) Practical answers for anyone feeling trapped


Laura LaPointe

This talk provides practical answers for anyone feeling trapped by desperate or discouraging situations, be it disease, unhealthy relationships, financial challenges, or an actual prison cell. With a very Bible based and universally accessible approach, the talk focuses on three Bible characters who felt trapped in their circumstances and how they found a way out. The “TWO” in the title refers to the two commandments Jesus gave us in Matthew 22, which provide solid guidance for discovering how to follow the Love that leads us out of any seemingly hopeless situation. Songs are interspersed throughout the talk to bring out themes of comfort and strength to keep moving forward.

Sponsored by the Ninth Church Christ, Scientist, San Francisco
(415) 664-2456